The Grape Exchange connects buyers and sellers of grapes and bulk wine across the UK.
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Not only will The Grape Exchange help buyers and sellers find what they’re looking for but we can offer a range of services to support the process. Services include but are not limited to:

Labour sourcing

Using our connections with Vine Care UK, we are able to source labour to assist with your vineyard operations. Whatever your requirements, we can source the labour needed to make your vineyard flourish. Vine Care UK have teams based all around the south of England, so help is never too far away. Whether you need pruners, bud rubbers, crown thinners, harvesters or other assistance, we will be happy to help.

Vineyard Advice / Consultancy

Perhaps you have a problem and you don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps you have a solution but just need a second pair of eyes to look at it. Or maybe you have grand plans going forward. Our friendly team of Vineyard Managers are on hand to provide their opinion and solutions to problems you may be facing. You will receive a report with photographs as examples of the advisor’s findings.

Extended Wine Analysis

We understand that you want to know as much about your wine as possible, whether you have made it or you are buying it. We have teamed up with Itasca Wines to test for: Free / Total SO2; NTU; Glucose / Fructose; Malic Acid; Tartaric Acid; YAN; VA; Ethanol (ABV); Cold Stability; Heat Stability; Dissolved Oxygen; Dissolved CO2. More services are available upon request, as well as combinations of the above.

Sampling & Analysis

Accuracy and timing is key when growing grapes. We can help. We have the facilities to accurately test fruit for sugars, titratable acidity and pH and report back within a maximum of 24 hours of the samples having been taken. Just let us know when you plan to harvest and we will send a sampler around a couple of days beforehand to gather fruit. We will then test it in our laboratory and email you as soon as we have results. Limited availability, so be sure to book early.

Outsourced Transport

It’s just another thing to worry about and co-ordinate, but it is also vitally important to the whole jigsaw. Whether you need grapes moving during harvest or bulk wine shifting any other time of year, give us a call and let us take the hassle out of this job for you.

Bulk Wine Transport Containers

Transporting wine in bulk without affecting the quality can be challenging. There’s no point cutting corners. Therefore, we have a solution. If you need to move under 12,000 litres and need the containers to do so, contact us for a quote. Our solution includes a solid IBC container, ‘bag in a box’ style liner and delivery to the fill point / collection from the drain point. All you need to do is arrange the transport between the two.

About Us

As the rapid expansion of vineyards throughout the UK continues, it has become clear that the wine industry is crying out for a trading platform where buyers and sellers can be paired and transactions carried out in a safe and secure manner.

Every year is different, presenting unique challenges. Whether it is in terms of the yields produced, volumes of wine in tank or wine sales, fluctuations in any of these can lead to a surplus or a deficit.  If you’re looking to sell or buy fruit, bulk wine, or wine in bottle we can take the stress and doubt out of the equation.

Our Philosophy is to find you the best price that we can and with representation to a vast range of growers and wineries all over the UK and years of market experience we’re confident we can do exactly that.

With our friendly team of dedicated account advisors we’re here to help you find precisely what you’re looking for.

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